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On tricks to save money.

Hi friends!

So, I love to share hints and ideas with people, especially when I’ve been pleased with something and have found it to work. In the last few years, I’ll admit to the following Google searches:

“how to make money quick”

“rebate apps free”

“poor college student extra cash”

Yeah, I’ve gone through all the apps that claim to help you get extra money. Some of them are amazing, and others aren’t worth your time. So I wanted to share two of my favorite ideas for making extra money with your regular purchases. You’re already buying groceries and spending money. Why not earn a little extra on the side?

Drop. You link this app to your bank account & every time you spend money at a store you frequent (Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Target, Whole Foods, Starbucks, etc.) they give you points per dollar. Once you have enough points, you earn gift cards to places like Starbucks, Amazon, Whole Foods, etc. The cool thing about this one is that you can set it up and forget about it; it’ll add points automatically, and they add up gradually.

Also, if you use my code, we both get a little extra upfront.

My invite code is: kfk5s

Ibotta. You’ve probably heard of this one, and it’s a little more work, but seriously, you could be earning actual cash to your PayPal account for groceries you’re already buying. What I do is scroll through the offers while I’m making my grocery list to see if they’re offering rebates on anything I was already planning to buy. The products are sometimes specific, but you might as well see what you can get cash for.

My referral code is: lrpavby

I know it can be overwhelming to know which apps are trustworthy and worth your time, so I hope I can simplify the process for you by giving you some good ones! I’d love to answer any questions you might have about the apps, too.