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DIY: Greeting Card Booklet

This summer, I’ve been kickin’ tail on the many organizing and sorting projects that await me among all my childhood things. I’ve been reading about the practice of minimalism, but I don’t think that I could ever fully go for it… I’m just so sentimental! One of the hardest things to sort through has been the mementos I’ve kept from various celebrations and activities I’ve experienced.

For example, I graduated from Liberty University last year, and my parents came out to Virginia for graduation.


When we came home, we had piles of event programs, magazines, photos, and cards.

So, so many cards.

I normally throw away birthday/holiday cards after I’ve read them, unless they have a very sincere, sentimental note inside. (My mom thinks I am a heartless person for this.) And I definitely throw away envelopes.

But many of the graduation cards I received were really special. These people watched me go through college, said something kind about my future, and wrote a sincere blessing and congratulations. I can’t throw those away!

So instead of letting them sit in a pile in a box, I decided to do something with them. I’ve seen this project on Pinterest plenty of times, and I finally decided to do it for myself! Here’s an explanation of what I made. It was so easy, I think it’s the best way to store greeting cards.

Greeting Card Booklet

These are about 20 cards that I received upon graduating college (and with my MA graduation coming up this year, I’m sure I’ll collect just as many more).

The hardest part was digging up the materials from my dad’s office: a 3-hole punch and two silver rings. We have tons of these around the house, but they can be found at an office supply store.

The diploma and photo are for… inspiration. 🙂

After I threw all the envelopes away (which is my very favorite part), I spent about 10 minutes punching two holes in each card. I tried to keep them centered so that they’d all fit neatly, despite their varying sizes.

A few cards were so thick that I had to manually use a single hole punch, but I used the three hole punch to make a dent in the cards where I needed to punch.


Then I slid each card onto the rings, and I was done!


I’m so happy with how it turned out! I plan to collect various groups of cards–birthdays, holidays, and even just correspondence–so I can create more. 🙂

Now that I’ve taken a craft break, I have to go tackle more piles of stuff… Wish me luck!

10 Embarrassing Questions I’ve Asked Myself While Simplifying

I’ve recently begun to really, really evaluate the stuff I have in my bedroom at my parents’ home in Utah. My mom has done an incredible job going through years of memories and collected items, and my room demanded the same.

And it’s hard. And it requires a lot of thinking and questioning.

So here are the silliest questions I have genuinely asked myself as I’ve sorted almost 22 years of possessions:

  1. What am I supposed to do with this jewelry box drawer full of single earrings missing their pairs?
  2. Where did this t-shirt come from? I’ve never been to [exotic destination].
  3. Why did I keep this lotion & perfume set that smells like a middle school boys locker room?
  4. Did I actually purchase this green eyeshadow palette for myself?
  5. I wonder who Evelyn is and if I ever sent her a thank you for this graduation card…
  6. Why did I think this doodle on my church bulletin from 2008 was worth saving? Did I think I was creative?
  7. Seriously? A purple eyeshadow palette too?
  8. Would this restaurant still accept a coupon that expired 3 years ago?
  9. What if I need to use my 8th grade graduation cap and gown again in the future?
  10. What have I gotten myself into?