About Carissa Joy

My name is Carissa. I’m an English teacher who’s learning to depend on the Lord as I live simply and walk in grace.

I’m a lover of Jesus and people and coffee and words.

I hail from San Diego & lived in Salt Lake City before moving to Lynchburg, VA. I’ve recently returned to California and live in the Bay area.

This blog has been my outlet for the past half-dozen years. And I ask for your grace as you read: I am growing, so please forgive me if you sense any arrogance or immaturity in older posts that I haven’t been able to polish. Let’s grow together.

This blog is also honest. In an age of curated, filtered online interactions, I hope that you find Christ-honoring honesty on this site, and I hope it fosters discussion, community, and growth.

“When you take off the mask (the brave face), you relate at a base level to everyone else who has been through pain – and everyone has. Honesty promotes intimacy, and intimacy encourages our mutual reliance on God. True honesty is beautiful.” -Rebecca St. James

Much love,


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