About Carissa Joy

My name is Carissa. I’m an English instructor & admin assistant who’s learning to live simply and walk in grace.

I’m a lover of Jesus and people and coffee and words.

I hail from San Diego & lived in Salt Lake City before moving to Lynchburg, VA.

This blog has been my outlet for the past half-dozen years. And I ask for your grace as you read: I am growing in maturity, so please forgive me if you sense any arrogance or immaturity in older posts that I haven’t been able to polish. Let’s grow together.

This blog is also honest. In an age of curated, filtered online interactions, I hope that you find Christ-honoring honesty on this site, and I hope it fosters discussion, community, and growth.

“When you take off the mask (the brave face), you relate at a base level to everyone else who has been through pain – and everyone has. Honesty promotes intimacy, and intimacy encourages our mutual reliance on God. True honesty is beautiful.” -Rebecca St. James

Much love,



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