From the Archives: En route.

Below is a draft of my thoughts from the summer of 2017. I know it’s self-defeating to post this now, once the dust of my cross-country move has settled, but it’s a glimpse into how big and scary this thing was – and yet it is now so beautiful. God is good.

I’ve started several drafts of blog posts about the season I’m in. This is a big, pivotal moment in my life, and it feels like something I should write about, something to share.

But right now everything feels so real and raw and unresolved. Yes, I’m taking a huge step–personally and professionally–by moving to Fremont, California after 5 years in Virginia. All by myself. To a city where I know no one. With only the belongings I can fit in my car.

But it’s safest to share that information a few months later, when everything is actually going to plan, or way before it happens–before anything has gone wrong.

What about this period in the middle? I’ve left my safe cocoon in Virginia, which utterly broke my heart, but I’m staying with my parents for a few weeks before I move to California. This whole shenanigan still could fall apart. I have no guarantee of success right now.

And that doesn’t make for good blogging.

Everything I had in Virginia has been pulled out from under me–my church family where I was known and loved, my job where I was connected and secure, and even my furniture.

What do I have left?

My family, here in Utah. They are here, and they are crucial. My memories of a beautiful experience in Lynchburg. Like 3 boxes of stuff, though I’m not sure it’s the right things or that I’ll even want or need it in California.

And Jesus.

Right now, everything is in flux for good reason: I’m stepping into my dream job. But much has still been taken from me.

And if I have nothing else – I’m learning that Jesus is enough.

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