What I Read: February 2018

Wow! This month was another whirlwind, and I’m in shock that it’s already March. I’m the head coach of the softball team at Fremont Christian School, in addition to all my first-year teacher duties, so this month I only accomplished reading one book. But it was a fun one!

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

I first watched The Princess Bride when I was in middle school. I was home with an injury and waiting to go to the doctor, and my mom, not sure what else to do with me, sat me down in front of the TV. I was enthralled, and I’ve been a member of the cult following of the movie for years.

So, the “tell-all” style of Cary Elwes’ book intrigued me, and I picked it up as a “fun read” from the bookstore. It immediately struck me with how detailed it is; it’s filled with inside-baseball references to the film industry in England and the US, and I don’t know enough about film to appreciate every reference.

But fun stories about Andre the Giant? Picture-perfect moments from filming with Robin Wright? The revelation that the actor who played Vizzini was nervous he’d get fired every day of the job? I’m in for all of it!

This book was a fun and “easy” read. Several people (including the man sitting next to me on a recent flight) told me the audiobook is amazing, with many of the cast and crew voicing their “blurbs” that appear throughout the book.

Looking forward to many more books in March!

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