On the benefits of flying solo.

I tell myself a lot that I am not going to become one of those writers who only thinks and talks about “singleness” or calls myself a “single.” (As if I’m a slice of Kraft cheese, individually wrapped.) But lately, the Lord has taught me to rejoice in this season.

While having a spouse is a beautiful, God-honoring part of life, there are so many reasons to enjoy singleness.

Here’s my top ten reasons why being single is great:

I have the time and energy to focus on my career, my finances, my interests: working hard to pay off my debts, taking time to think and read, and spending time with many of the people I love.

I can’t even keep up with my own laundry. Why double it?

When I succeed at a new recipe, I get to eat all of it. And since cooking for one is too hard, I get to eat that awesome recipe all week long.


When a cooking experiment fails, I’m the only one choking down a dry, burnt, or salty plateful of food, with no one to explain myself to.

I packed my whole life into a CR-V and road-tripped across the country. In the process, I only had to consider one job change, one set of belongings, one mess of address change and DMV logistics, and one person’s values and opinions. 


I don’t have to share that bottle of wine I splurged on unless I feel like it. I usually don’t feel like it.


I have five pillows on my bed and they’re mine, all mine. 


No one is looking at my bank account to ask why I spent $27 on pizza for one. I like pizza, and I don’t like budgeting.

I don’t have to check with anyone before making oddball choices with my time: staying out until 2 am, going to bed at 7 pm, watching 1.5 hours of pregnancy announcement videos, or watching marathons of The Bachelorette.

Ultimately, singleness keeps me focused on the truth that there is something much greater to anticipate than earthly, temporal marriage:

“We are not just going to heaven, we’re heading for our wedding celebration and marriage to the Lamb of God, Jesus.” -Scotty Smith

What else would you add to this list, fellow Kraft cheese slices?

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