2016 in Review

How do I summarize a year like 2016?

It brought me to new cities like Baltimore and Charlotte, as well as familiar cities: Washington D.C. and San Diego, Manti and Salt Lake City, Roanoke and Charlottesville. I stood on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, dipped my toes in Smith Mountain Lake and a river through Zion. It was a year when I marveled at the Grand Canyon and witnessed people I love marry the loves of their lives–both wonders in their own respects.

It was filled with big accomplishments: the completion of my thesis and Master’s degree, earning recognition as English GSA of the Year, running over 300 miles and finishing two races (the VA 10 Miler and the Deep Hollow Half Marathon), starting a new full-time job. I taught dozens of people to dance–high schoolers, college students, senior citizens–and over 60 college students to write.

It was also filled with small accomplishments: investing in the community, eating locally, hosting friends and family. These things add value to the big ones. People turn experiences into moments.

Last year, I wrote a blog post documenting the ways I had achieved my 2015 resolutions as a way to celebrate completing them instead of lament foregone goals. I added to my Reverse Bucket List and set simple goals for 2016: pray hard and host well. I couldn’t have dreamt how much depth I’d find in fulfilling both of those goals.

This next year, I have more simple goals for the way I want to live in 2017. I don’t know what big accomplishments this year holds, but I know I want to spend the year cultivating habits that will make the time worthwhile.

Rest well. This year, I want to learn more about the biblical practice of resting. My framework for biblical rest was redefined in 2016; I want to rest by spending intentional time with people and without my phone, soaking in quiet contemplation, and practicing mindfulness, not mindlessness.

Be strong. Thanks to running, eating locally, and preparing to teach a new JumpFit class at Jump Lynchburg, I feel healthier than I’ve felt since I played high school sports. I want to get stronger, run farther (1,000 miles!), and live healthier than I ever have this year.

Read books. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but when I graduated with my Master’s in English, I lost all interest in reading books. If I have to write insightful notes in the margins of one more academic essay, I will scream. But this year, I want to rediscover my love of stories: the stories in the Bible, ancient stories, modern tales.

You were likely a part of this momentous year, so I thank you for joining me on the journey. Let’s grow (and run, and rest, and read) together in 2017.

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