10 Embarrassing Questions I’ve Asked Myself While Simplifying

I’ve recently begun to really, really evaluate the stuff I have in my bedroom at my parents’ home in Utah. My mom has done an incredible job going through years of memories and collected items, and my room demanded the same.

And it’s hard. And it requires a lot of thinking and questioning.

So here are the silliest questions I have genuinely asked myself as I’ve sorted almost 22 years of possessions:

  1. What am I supposed to do with this jewelry box drawer full of single earrings missing their pairs?
  2. Where did this t-shirt come from? I’ve never been to [exotic destination].
  3. Why did I keep this lotion & perfume set that smells like a middle school boys locker room?
  4. Did I actually purchase this green eyeshadow palette for myself?
  5. I wonder who Evelyn is and if I ever sent her a thank you for this graduation card…
  6. Why did I think this doodle on my church bulletin from 2008 was worth saving? Did I think I was creative?
  7. Seriously? A purple eyeshadow palette too?
  8. Would this restaurant still accept a coupon that expired 3 years ago?
  9. What if I need to use my 8th grade graduation cap and gown again in the future?
  10. What have I gotten myself into?

3 thoughts on “10 Embarrassing Questions I’ve Asked Myself While Simplifying

  1. I know how that is! My mom finally got irate at me last week since I STILL have stuff packed in my old bedroom in her house. I moved out almost 15 years ago LOL! Poor mom 🙂
    So I dug into my old closet and there was SO MANY things I saved from highschool…notes and moments, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks. Needless to say, I did bag up a ton of old clothes to appease her request (reasonable request, no doubt), but put the memories back. I’ll have to sort those later 🙂


    1. Haha! It’s overwhelming, for sure. There is so much! I have a copy of every issue of my high school newspaper (I was the editor-in-chief), and tons of notes between my girlfriends about drama and boys–which are SO funny now!!

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      1. Haha, me too…I laughed so hard the other day when I brought out all the letters. I actually read most of them because I ‘was’ going to through them away so I wanted one last peek. But, I couldn’t. lol

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