Reverse Bucket List

Bucket lists are depressing and difficult. To attempt to list every exciting, life-changing task I would like to complete between now and the conclusion of my life seems overwhelming! So instead, I’m starting a new list of awesome things that belong on a bucket list that I have already completed.

I’ve had a lot of unique, beautiful adventures, and I want to make sure I document all of them. I love seeing that the most important moments I’ve documented are just that–moments. Experiences. Not stuff. This project helps me see all the excitement and abundance that is to be had, even without a bucket list or the budget to go skydiving.

Accomplished List

  • Set foot on four continents: Asia (Israel), Africa (Egypt), North America (Canada, Mexico), Europe (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Ran a 10-mile race
  • Ran a half-marathon
  • Tried eel sushi
  • Tried octopus sushi
  • Snowboarded
  • Kissed in the rain
  • Rode a camel
  • Walked inside a pyramid in Egypt
  • Visited the Mall of America
  • Floated in the Dead Sea
  • Learned to crochet
  • Hiked to an ice cave in Utah
  • Saw the Statue of Liberty
  • Danced in a flash mob
  • Ran a 5K
  • Vandalized with graffiti
  • Participated in an international pillow fight in D.C.
  • Swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  • Learned to drive a stick shift (kind of)
  • Saw the Sears Tower
  • Went to a drive-in movie
  • Had my writing published on a website
  • Graduated college with a BA in English
  • Pet a sting ray
  • Touched a jellyfish
  • Took a train across the country
  • Won a swing dancing competition
  • Participated in a food fight
  • Met the Big Duck of Long Island
  • Traveled through an airport dressed like an elf and a penguin
  • Attended a Broadway play (Cinderella)
  • Saw the Macy’s Day Parade… balloons on the night before
  • Copy edited a published book
  • Walked through the Football Hall of Fame
  • Marched in the March for Life
  • Led someone to a relationship with Jesus
  • Hosted a dinner party
  • Reconnected with an elementary school best friend
  • Attended a fashion show
  • Saw Niagara Falls
  • Wrote an 80-page thesis
  • Graduate with an MA degree!
  • Stood by a friend’s side as a bridesmaid
  • Visited the Grand Canyon

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