On sweet little moments.

College is busy. Really busy. And if I allow it to be, college can also be chaotic. Assignments, meetings, shifts, and exams attack rapid-fire for the entire duration of each semester, and it’s so easy to be swept up in the rush and scarcely take time to breathe. Some days, I’ll look around and realize, “It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I haven’t even had the time to sit down one time today.” But amidst the whirlwind pace of a college senior’s life, I can look back and see moments when time seems to slow down, and each second feels sweet and bright. When I break out of the monotony and catch a truly beautiful moment, the rest of the rush doesn’t feel quite as important.

I believe that my love for these beautiful moments is as unique to me as all the passions and attributes that comprise my personality. For me, life brightens into radiant color when I have an honest, gentle, Christ-honoring conversation about life over coffee or a meal. After a sweet one-on-one time with a friend, I feel a surge of joy and peace. I feel that same surge after I have served someone who cannot repay me. As strange as it may seem, I’m even joyful if the service has cost me extra time or energy. I can’t plan or schedule these moments – when they happen organically, life seems all the more beautiful.

I cherish the sweet moments when I wake up early in the morning and enjoy the quiet that comes with the dawn. The pause of the day before the scheduled events begin offers a special, refreshing time that affects my entire day. When I am able to brighten the mornings of others with a cheerful “good morning,” I feel unstoppably alive and joyful.

One of my favorite yet most infrequent joys in life is the appreciation of an unutterably beautiful image. It’s extra special if I’ve captured this image myself! But the breathtaking sight of “my” mountains in Utah, a lush green landscape, or a vibrant portrait on the back of a camera are all sights that can truly take my breath away and stop time.

Every moment when I grasp Jesus’ grace anew or in a different way, I experience this same feeling of time slowing down and everything feeling richer and sweeter. When I teach such an idea to someone else, or simply teach someone a new idea or skill, I know that I am fulfilling a specifically designed purpose in my life, and thus I never fail to experience a glorious joy and energy.

These moments that light up my soul don’t happen constantly – maybe not even as often as I’d like them to happen. I ignore my alarm clock and sleep in, I choose to focus on my own concerns instead of the souls around me, or I simply miss out on moments of beauty. But when they happen, they add a rich flavor to life that makes the mundane, scheduled stuff just a little easier to handle. Maybe there’s another moment or feeling that serves as the spark that sets your soul ablaze, but let’s pursue the beautiful things – even the little beautiful things – together. It makes the journey much sweeter.

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