10 Good Things on January 10.

(What in the world, how is it January 10th already?! The new year just started!)

1. I have the opportunity to work in a brand-new, history-making library during the week that it opens. I work for and work with some of the most caring, brilliant people on Liberty’s campus.

2. I have friends who inspire me and encourage me and pray for me.

3. Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Love Take Me Over.” It’s been my jam this week.

4. Dinner leftovers.

5. I am doing what I love this semester – learning about literature, working in customer service, editing a book, fighting for the lives of the unborn, and enjoying fellowship and Jesus.

6. I was given the chance to live by my mother, so now I can fight to give other people that right.

7. My bicycle gets me where I need to be fast and efficiently – even in the rain!

8. The joy of the Lord is my strength – even when I’m tired.

9. I will be a college graduate in a few months. (Lord willing.)

10. The freedom of growing up and learning more about myself.

Thank you, Jesus.

1 thought on “10 Good Things on January 10.

  1. Just stopping by to give you some blog love. Solidarity, or something like that. Hope you’re doing well, friend! I was reading through your blog -I’m in a new season of singleness too, and the good is sometimes overshadowed by the hard…especially as I approach graduation. Enjoy these last few weeks of undergrad. Seems like just yesterday we were serving together and getting ready to start college. Time flies!
    P.S. LOVE your hair.


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