18 Good Things on Dec. 18

1. My idea to put my candle next to the heater vent in my room… Double-duty as a candle warmer!

2. Sugar snap peas, because I could eat these beautiful little vegetables forever.

3. Doctor Who (even when it’s not good at all, as I just watched Angels take Manhattan today).

4. The fact that I can make whole accessories with just some yarn and a hook.

5. Sleeping in a clean room.

6. Not having to pull my hair back when I drink from a water fountain, and shedding 2 inches of hair at maximum.

7. When literary classics are short enough to read them quickly and check them off my list.

8. A job and an internship and a school, all of which I love.

9. Being an elf sometimes (like tomorrow, my dad and I have a gig at my mom’s adult special education class’s Christmas party).

10. The thrift store that gave my dad and me hundreds of dollars worth of coats and warm items – which we were ready to pay for – to bring to the homeless shelter on Friday.

11. Legs that can help me run 4.5 miles after essentially not exercising all semester.

12. Forgetting my phone when I leave the house and not worrying about missing anyone.

13. Free fudge coupons. Because free fudge.

14. Listening to songs that remind me of him and making it all the way through them without turning them off.

15. Adoptions of babies that were almost aborted.

16. Best friends who get baptized and make me want to live more like Jesus.

17. Noticing how much I’m growing up.

18. A whole new year that’s about to start!

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