College 2013. (The sappy post amidst the calm before the storm.)

I understand that anyone who happens to subscribe via email to my blog or who simply stumbles across my posts does not use this blog as a main method of keeping up with my life. However, I am going to make a post that is not a rant or a deep, elaborate thought. I just want to detail some of the biggest blessings that have come so far with returning to Liberty University for my senior year of college – because I am truly blessed. I do not intend to brag or show off the great opportunities I have been given – because they are not because of me, about me, or for the purpose of glorifying me. I am an undeserving wretch who has been not only redeemed, but given the opportunity to live an abundant, full life serving my Redeemer. This is how I am living a full, joyful, and impacting life in the year 2013.

I am returning to my job at the LU ILRC (Library) Customer Service Center, after working for the summer at Treehouse Athletic Club. Both groups of superiors and coworkers feel like families and I know that whether I’m home for the holidays or back at school, I have a job waiting for me that I love to attend and enjoy tremendously. Not many people have such an immense blessing, but I am beyond thankful that I do.

Over the summer, I was welcomed back to the Treehouse as if I had never left. I was able to work a decent amount and enjoy the friendships that I have developed working there for about a year and a half off-and-on now. I even got slightly promoted to the Business Office and got to spend some time learning a brand-new computer program and honing my people skills in a slightly different venue.

During the first part of the summer, I also spent some time taking an Old Testament class via LU Online. I was blown away by the quality of education I experienced watching Dr. Ed Hindson’s videos and learning in Liberty’s online education format. Because of previous poor experiences with online classes, I apprehensively took on the online class because I needed to, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt that I learned even more information than I might have in a classroom – where you can’t rewind the professor or study your notes during a quiz.

Returning to Liberty University, I spent three days in training for the upcoming year working for the library. I cannot stress enough how blessed I am to have this job. The management supervising me and my coworkers is a team made up of people who desire to train me as an employee to be employable to other employers down the road, because they know I won’t be a library student worker forever. Thus, I have all kinds of professional training put into me to help me succeed at being a great customer service provider for the rest of my career. I am just thankful.

I am also thankful to be at a school where the professors are wise, Godly, and educated – and a few of them desire to see me personally succeed and learn to be a better student and a better future teacher. From classrooms where I am a student to classrooms where I am permitted to help out the lower-level English students, I rejoice to have such access to such experiences. It truly is once in a lifetime.

Last but not least, I am blessed with a boyfriend who exceeds all my expectations for a Godly man who treats me with love and gentleness. He goes above and beyond and thinks of every last detail (an amazing feat for this big-picture-oriented brain of mine) so that I feel special, loved, and completely cared for all the time. He is sweet and gentle and sensitive and kind-hearted. There is nothing like seeing his tough, strong face soften and melt into a sweet smile in response to something dumb that I said or to return a smile from me. He desires to see us grow in our walks with the Lord and he shows it. I am just really, really blessed.

My heard is so full at the thought of all the things I have to be endlessly thankful for. And yet I must give every drop of credit to the Lord, turn every ray of glory toward Him, and do everything in this blessed life I live to honor Him with my words and my actions. He is worthy of all the praise for both His blessings and His comfort.

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