Top Ten.

10 Reasons to Fast from Facebook and Tumblr

(Also known as: a list of validation for this torturous fast I have gotten myself into in order to better myself as a person and strengthen my relationship with the Lord.)

  1. I am to be dependent upon nothing and no one but Jesus Christ.
  2. I am hiding behind a blog and an account out of laziness and as a result, I am missing valuable opportunities out there in the real world.
  3. My addiction to the Internet is affecting my sleep and causing me to lose an hour or two per night.
  4. I am allowing the interpretations of Tumblr and Facebook users to affect my worldview more than the Word of God itself.
  5. I should be spending more time with my family while I still can and learning from reliable sources.
  6. I’m avoiding the world outside on purpose.
  7. This has turned into a game of popularity and neediness for attention.
  8. It can be a source of great temptations and stumbling blocks. The fire doesn’t need fuel.
  9. It is a full-fledged addiction and an idol that I have put before God.
  10. I will never get back the hundreds of hours I have wasted and will waste, and life is too short for such frivolousness.

Friends, do me a favor and send me the link to this post every time I begin to whine at you about how stupid my fast is.


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