Overjoyed in the presence of our Daddy.

My family is shooting the portraits for a local church directory, and tonight we had one family with a little two year-old blond girl who is as cute as a button.

Her dad just got home from a long business trip last night, so she was so excited to be in his presence that she literally did not stop jumping up and down the entire time during the photo shoot, around his legs in circles and following him wherever he walked, until he picked her up, and when she was in his arms, she kissed him repeatedly and hugged his neck as if she was never letting go. I almost cried at her beautiful, joyful spirit.

How beautiful for us, as believers, to be so overjoyed at the presence of our Father that we cannot stop jumping up and down, overflowing with excitement and innocent, childlike love, telling him over and over how much we love Him and how thankful we are to be in His presence! How precious to be held in His arms when we don’t have the energy to stand anymore and hug His neck and simply find sweet rest in Him! How much greater is the love of our Heavenly Father than even the most doting earthly one. I’m so thankful that I have an Abba Father to dance around in circles because I just love Him that much.

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