Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours – but not because I’m disappointed that I lost the competition or because people don’t like me because of how I disagree with them.

Break my heart that Your children are lost.

Break my heart at the thought of them suffering endlessly and desperately for the rest of eternity,

and break my heart because Your heart is broken at the thought of not getting to love and bless them in this life or spend eternity with them as You so desire to with all Your heart.

But Jesus, break my heart and in the same breath, remind me that I know where the Good Shepherd lives, and I can help bring Your little sheep to You. Use me as Your staff to pick them up and pull them out of the ravine into which they have fallen. Don’t let me fail You out of fear or self-consciousness or unsureness or simply a loss of the sight of why I am doing what I am doing.

Give me an eternal mindset and erase my inherent earthly mindset. Remove my self-doubt and reaffirm my knowledge that, disregarding fleeting eartly value, I have endless eternal worth in the eyes of my Father who treasures me deeply…. And so does every person on whom the world looks on with condescension and judgment. The gang members, the tatted-up, pierced hardcore kids, the vile sinners and the haughtiest of hypocritical Pharisees. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in Your sight. You created them and you desire to be reconciled with them just as much as you desired to be reconciled with me before I knew You.

So break my heart for them, God, as senseless of a request as it may seem and as deeply as it must hurt, drag me out of my comfort zone and tear me away from my fears so that I have no choice but to act upon it with every waking moment of this life I live here on earth.

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