So two LDS sister missionaries walked into my house…

It would be so legit if they had any idea whose house they were actually in. You know, one of those anti-Mormon houses filled with witchcraft symbols and burning Book of Mormons strewn throughout the living room. (More like tennis balls and laundry… you get the picture.) But they don’t have a clue, which creates a beautiful opportunity.

When the two missionaries rang our doorbell, I was home with my sister Janelle, so we invited the two college-aged girls inside and gave them glasses of water, then our dogs got their luscious golden fur all over their pretty skirts. We spoke a little bit about Mormonism – after they invited us to a Polynesian fireside choir event, they gave us their testimony and how the Book of Mormon has changed their lives and the lives of so many others, and I told them how the Bible has changed my life and so many others… Nothing deep and intellectual, just our individual rehearsed spiels.

But after a little bit of small talk, we established that they’re going to come by and talk with us at length tomorrow evening! If I could explain my excitement… it would be gushing all over this page. The opportunity to speak truth into the lives of these incredible people doesn’t often just fall into my lap this easily, but man, I love it when it does! Such a God thing… like you have no idea. His hand is evident in every moment that Janelle and I spent talking to these girls.

I would really appreciate your prayer for this meeting – I was so compelled by compassion and Christlike love for them as I was talking to them. I can tell that they are both passionate and intelligent, but they are so hopelessly lost and it broke my heart simply to talk to them. My heart was simply overflowing with a desire to tell them how beautiful grace is. They need it ever so desperately!

Please pray for boldness, because I know that this is one of the situations in life where the most loving thing in the world that I can do for them is to tell them the truth, if only to get them studying deeper in the true Word of God. But also, pray that I’m constantly reminded that nothing I can do or say will change their minds; the Holy Spirit is the one who is going to work in their hearts and I need to trust Him fully. When engaged in this kind of conversation, it is so easy to fall into the trap of either letting them go on and on without explaining to them what the Biblical truth is, or scaring them away with intimidating debate. All I really need, however, is the words of the Holy Spirit to be my words. This is something I struggle with so often. The control freak in me wants to take the reins from God, get out there, and conquer the world for Jesus all by myself. But in reality, what am I? I am a broken vessel who needs Him just as much as the people I’m talking to. Please pray that no matter how hard it is, I’m reminded that constantly tomorrow as Janelle and I pray and prepare and as we’re talking to them.

That’s all I have to say. All of this simply goes to say, please pray for us tomorrow. For all the male missionaries I’ve talked with, I’ve never gotten the chance to talk to female missionaries before, but I’m very excited to get do so… as long as the Holy Spirit guides my words.

3 thoughts on “So two LDS sister missionaries walked into my house…

  1. Carissa, this is awesome! I’ll be praying for you and that God would give you words to speak so that He can shine light into their darkened souls. Let me know how it goes!


  2. Count me in! I will be praying for you for sure. The more we are able to engage in compassionate, understanding conversations about truth- the better. Keep you eyes on the prize- JESUS, not “winning” because what is a victory FOR Jesus with OUT Jesus? You go girl!


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