Being a Christian in America.

This is probably the most exaggerated form of “religious persecution” that there is.

Oh, woe is me, I’m a Christian and some of my friends think it’s a little weird that I go to church and read my Bible. No. Just… no. Becoming a Christian requires you to sacrifice everything you have and take up your cross to follow Him, of course, but that this is a relatively simple task in the United States.

Wanna know why?

Because your family won’t completely shun you,

because you still will be allowed to attend school,

because you can go to church without fearing that authorities are going to burst through the door at any moment,

because your father won’t physically beat you until you renounce the faith you claim,

because you will not be arrested or imprisoned,

because you can have a Bible in your possession and it isn’t against the law,

because you won’t be considered a second-class citizen with little to no rights,

because you won’t be targeted for kidnapping and rape,

and because you won’t be stabbed, massacred, beheaded, hanged, shot, mobbed, burned, or otherwise lose your very life for the sake of Christ, which happens in dozens of countries every single day.

So next time someone gives you a mean look because you’re wearing a Christian t-shirt or “judges” you for opting out of events to go to church, maybe you should reconsider your reaction.

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