Frappuccinos and chivalry.

(This was written during finals week; somehow I never ended up publishing it. Mah baaad!)

I’m sitting in a comfy chair in the corner of Starbucks right now “studying” for my literature final on tragedy in drama. Needless to say, reading my Bible and blogging sounds significantly more enjoyable. Since I’m already in a Bible-reading, journaling, prayerful mood, something that just happened in front of me triggered a crazy analytical response faster than I could think it out, so here goes an explanation because I thought it was interesting. I’m just trying to distract myself from Oedipus Rex for a little while longer.

So you know those vertical hanging posters in the entry of Starbucks advertising the new (delicious) coconut Frappuccino? A lady just walked in and knocked one of them off of the hanger while rushing to get in line, and it crashed down pretty loudly. She stopped, frustrated, and tried to hang it back up unsuccessfully. The dad sitting with his kids at a table across from me stood up and offered to help her, so she handed him the sign wordlessly and walked away as he hung it up. I was taken aback by her rude attitude, but he did the task anyway, making sure it was aligned perfectly, then he sat back down. But as she was getting in line, he glanced up at her almost as if he was hurt – or at least as if he was expecting a thank-you, which he entirely deserved.

I realized then that so often that’s how women end up treating chivalrous men. It’s frustrating to see women who aren’t thankful for men who open doors and treat women respectfully, all in the name of proving that we are as strong as them and we can “do it ourselves.” Maybe I’m old-school in being a huge fan of chivalry, but I think it’s how it should be. Sadly, with the attitude that so many women have, eventually even the strongest, most Christlike ”Warrior-Poet” (as Leslie Ludy likes to call them) is going to get discouraged, lose hope, and fade away.

But here’s the really amazing and uplifting part about all of this: The ultimate Warrior-Poet, my King Jesus, will never, ever stop coming to my rescue and waiting for me to acknowledge His presence, despite my continuous rejection of Him. The infinite, limitless love that He has for me is insane. I rarely ever thank Him enough, acknowledge His presence enough, or praise Him enough, yet all he has for me is unfailing love in return. I can walk away from him without thanking him for doing something he did not have to do as much as I want, but He is always there to catch me when I fall – and He doesn’t even bring up the fact that I rejected Him. WOW. Our God is an awesome God.

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