Ladies and gentlemen, I have made only one resolution only for this year, as that’s all I think I’ll be able to manage. This resolution is simple, but seeing as how I have never been able to keep a resolution before, it might prove to be challenging.

The resolution: A journal.

The record of longest journal kept in my life: 5 days.

The goal: 365 days.

Chances of succeeding: It will take a miracle.

The format: Prayer and thankfulness based on what happened in my day. Most of it I’ll be keeping to myself, in my own personal files. Some of it, when I deem it worthy of being posted, will arrive on here.

The inspiration: Heart to Heart by Rebecca Lyn Phillips. It’s a 15 year-old devotional book written by a teenage girl that my dad gave to me five years ago, hoping I would read it. As mentioned earlier, I’ve never been one for consistency, so this whole devotional book thing is not my style. But I’ve been reading through it, trying to get inspiration for my 7th grade girls small group, and I’ve realized that this kind of writing is exactly what I need to do. The young author writes about a scenario in her day, as if she’s writing it to her Heavenly Father, and either praises him for something or asks him for help in an area of her life. I’ve realized slowly that I need to do this so that I can increase my awareness of God’s gifts and my flaws as I go through this year. And trust me, there’s a lot of both.

And… that about sums it up. I realize I’m 10 days behind, so I’ll write fast. I’m thinking once a week I’ll post one on here, but a lot of the time I’ll probably be writing about individuals who could someday come across this blog, so I’ll refrain from posting those.

I don’t expect you, the reader, to care, and frankly I’m proud of you for reading this far. High five. I’ve been told, however, that when you make a resolution public, you have more chances for accountability, and when people expect you to be doing something, maybe you’ll get it done.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading. God bless. Happy New Year.



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