One in the morning is as good a time as any.

The backyard of this huge, old house at night is tranquil and peaceful. The breeze is warm and soft as it wraps around my bare arms. Unlike earlier today, it’s not annoying… just peaceful. Comforting. Stepping out onto the porch transforms my surroundings into a different world. I slip out of the stale silence of the house within the French doors and shut the doors behind me quietly as I enter a place so empty and calm that really, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Jesus himself showed up. Just showed up and stood there. You know… if he actually did that. I wouldn’t mind. I don’t even think he would have to say anything, really. Together we would just watch the moon rising. I love to watch it as it peeks through the thick clouds. Its light causes the outer edges of the thick, flat clouds that spread across the horizon to glow. Huh… well, at least these clouds have a silver lining.

As we were standing there, I would tell Jesus that this was one of my favorite parts of his creation. He would say, “What is, dearest?” I would realize that he already knows, but I would tell him anyway. I would tell him that the sky is my favorite. I would assure him quickly that, of course, he did make some wonderful things on the earth. But whenever I really want to see the best part of what He has done, I just look to the sky. The full moon shining in my bedroom and illuminating everything with a dull, dim light. The clouds on which this brilliant moon casts light as far as it can reach.

An idea catches in my brain as I look away from my laptop screen and glance at the moon. I try to write it out, but I can’t capture the thought. It slowly brightens in my mind until I understand what it means.

I think a little more before I start to write again. My brain flashes through a million ideas at once.

The moon is huge. Well, considering the rest of the cosmos, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s only a third of the size of the earth. But to me, a single being that is significantly less than one third of the size of the earth, it’s pretty big. And compared to those clouds that are passing in front of it and obscuring it… heck, those looming clouds don’t even stand a chance. A metaphor dawns on me. Why are these puny little clouds (puny, of course, in the grand scheme of things) trying to block the immensity and the brightness of the moon? Who do they think they are? No matter what they do, I can still see the moon. It is brightly and clearly shining, no matter what. And even when the clouds cover it completely, its light still glows on the outer edges.

I glance over at the temple in the distance.


I don’t try to dissect this metaphor. I don’t really want to. I just want to reflect. That’s all. Tonight is a good night for reflecting.

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